NAM PRIK         \'nam-preek\


  1. Chili water, or fluid chili.
  2. A new kind of hot sauce that brings the exotic spice of the street to your kitchen table; a remarkable blend of authentic Asian flavor, strong aromatic components, and a spicy edge.


Drizzle, dip, or dab on rice, roasted meats, eggs, sauteed vegetables, and tacos. Let your imagination (and taste buds) run wild!

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Founded in 2015 by Erick Yi, Nam Prik is a family recipe. More specifically, it was Erick's aunt's recipe. Inspired by her travels and tastings around Southeast Asia, she came home with an irresistible recipe for chili sauce that got Erick thinking, "dang, that hurts SO good!" Who knew hot sauce could be this flavorful? After a year and a half of tweaking the recipe to balance out its many intricate flavors, the sauce is now ready to give your palates an unforgettable taste of fire and flavor!