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# G E T P R I K ' D

Nam Prik brings the exotic spice of the street to your kitchen table.

A remarkable blend of authentic Asian flavor, strong aromatic components, and a spicy edge.


I cook all the time and Nam Prik has become my secret ingredient. Perfect on fish, burritos, soups, etc. pretty much everything.

Joe C.

[Nam Prik] has a great taste that you can really enjoy, we picked up 4 bottles of the product and I know we will enjoy it in our tacos or chili verde.

Magana F.

This hotsauce is amazing. I'd say its mildly more spicy than sriracha but has a wildly different flavor. It goes great on salmon tacos, chips, and breakfast burritos.

Amir K.

It's super flavorful but it's also still got a kick to it. It's rare that hot sauces have a great combination of both flavor and spice, but this one is phenomenal.

Jem L.

This is by far one of the most versatile sauces in my collection. Strong, punchy flavor with just the right amount of bite. [...] I will definitely be back for more.

Will W.

"The flavor is bright without being mouth-numbing, with a zing that will widen your eyes but not make them water. You may feel the need to put it on fried rice, scrambled eggs, tacos, avocado toast — even potato chips. Could this be the new Sriracha? Maybe so."


Make scrumptious meals with Nam Prik. Even the pickiest eater can't say no to our delectable selection of dishes.

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